2012 Bulldog Media Relations Awards

Enter—and win—the most prestigious award in media relations and publicity—judged exclusively by working journalists!

2012 Bulldog Media Relations Awards

  • Get the recognition you and your company deserve for your creativity—and outstanding accomplishments—in media relations!
  • 100 chances to win!
  • Easy and inexpensive to enter
  • Winners are inducted into the Media Relations Hall of Fame
  • Winners featured in Media Relations Hall of Fame magazine and Winning PR Campaigns newsletter
  • Online process makes entering fast and simple

EARLY DEADLINE: Friday, December 28, 2012

EXTENDED DEADLINE: Friday, January 11, 2013 (and will be charged the $115 late- entry fee).

LAST CHANCE DEADLINE: Friday, January 25, 2013 (and will be charged an additional $165 late-entry fee).


Announcing the PR Pros' Choice Awards

This year, PR professionals will have the chance to choose their favorite PR campaign of the year from among the top winners in the 2013 Bulldog Media Relations Awards. Practitioners will vote online for their pick of the best PR campaign of the year, and the winner will take honors as the PR Pros' choice Awards™ Top Media Relations Campaign of the Year.

Step forward—show the world your brilliant campaigns — and your organization's—PR prowess

Only Awards program judged by working journalists—when you win, you know you're the best of the best

The Bulldog Media Relations Awards are coveted among PR and communications professionals, because they're the only awards judged exclusively by working journalists and now, bloggers. These judges are impartial—above the fray of industry politics. They are tough judges with high standards, but they're unwaveringly fair—and they're the people we most often need to impress.

"It's prestigious to win a Bulldog Award, because the Bulldog Reporter brand is so recognized and respected in the public relations industry. It's even more impressive, because journalists have their own set of standards about excellence in PR. We were thrilled!"

Al Golin, Chairman, GolinHarris

Here are some of the judges who will be taking part in this year's Bulldog Awards:

  • Jim Pavia, Editorial Director, InvestmentNews
  • Chris Elliott, Travel Scribe, The New York Times
  • Tom Hallman, Feature Writer (Pulitzer Prize Winner), The Oregonian
  • Meghan Collins Sullivan, former Deputy Editor, CNN/Washington Post, current Rosalynn Carter Mental Health   Journalism Fellow
  • Maria Stainer, Editor/Continuous News Desk, Washington Times

"Winning three Bulldog Awards was great for motivation in our department at UNICEF. The journalists who judge these awards see a wide variety of news—if our message stuck with them, we know we're doing something right. Winning also stimulated recognition from our board and senior management . . . acknowledgement that visibility and PR expertise are critical to our mission. We feel a renewed confidence when approaching department budget discussions."

Lisa Szarkowski, Managing Director Public Relations

Bulldog Award winners receive the industry's highest honor, plus an avalanche of publicity

Hall of Fame Magazine CoverWhen you win a Bulldog Media Relations Award, you truly know you've arrived. The world will know it, too, because Bulldog Reporter publicizes its winners to more industry people and general media than any other awards competition.

Stories of all winners and their entries will be featured in the Public Relations "Hall of Fame" online magazine. In addition, winning campaigns will be covered in Bulldog Reporter's Winning PR Campaigns e-newsletter and feature column in Bulldog Reporter's Daily 'Dog, the industry's highest-circulation trade journal. Top winners will also be invited to take part in a series of free, educational "Winning PR Webinars," in which their tactical and strategic brilliance will be explicated. Finally, of course, winners will be announced in multimedia press releases distributed to business and trade press and over Internet news services.

It all adds up to massive publicity for winners—hundreds of thousands of positive impressions for you and your firm.

How to enter—and win—a 2013 Bulldog Award for Excellence in Media and Publicity Campaigns

The industry's most prestigious awards competition—100 chances to win, including the Grand Prize: Best Campaign of the Year

The 2012 Bulldog Media Relations Awards recognize the most outstanding achievements in traditional, digital and social media campaigns—celebrating public relations strategic and tactical prowess at the highest level.

Awards will be given for three levels of excellence (Gold, Silver and Bronze) in most every category—which means you have 100 chances to win a 2013 Bulldog Media Relations Award.

Multiple Entries: You can enter any of your media relations campaigns in any number of the Media Relations or Industry-specific categories. Note also that Bulldog Awards Grand Prize winners are chosen by the judges from multi-Gold winners in Media Relations or Industry-specific categories, so it pays to enter in multiple categories.

"Our gold award definitely gave our account team a huge morale boost, and it helps us market ourselves. It's been very visible in new business efforts, especially on our website. The Bulldog Awards are critically important because journalists are our ultimate client. When you win, it's like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval on your work—it imparts extraordinary credibility."

Steve Cody, Founder and Principal, Peppercom

Now you can receive recognition in any of 33 award categories


  • Best Use of Broadcast or Internet Video – Business/Consumer
  • Best Use of Research – Business/Consumer
  • Best Campaign Under $100,000
  • Best Campaign Under $50,000
  • Best Campaign Under $25,000
  • Best Campaign Under $10,000
  • Best Company Positioning/Branding
  • Best Crisis Communications
  • Best Use of the Internet/Digital Tools – Business
  • Best Use of the Internet/Digital Tools – Consumer
  • Best Issue/Cause Advocacy Campaign
  • Best New Product Launch – Business
  • Best New Product Launch – Consumer
  • Best Online Newsroom – Business/Consumer
  • Best Use of Personality/Celebrity
  • Best Use of Social Media – Business/Consumer
  • Best Response to Breaking News
  • Best Special Event/Stunt
  • Best Website – Business/Consumer
  • PR Innovation of the Year
  • Best Integration of PR and IR in a Business Campaign
  • Best Green Campaign


  • Best Investment, Banking & Financial Services Campaign
  • Best Arts & Entertainment Campaign
  • Best Education/Public Service Campaign
  • Best Health, Medicine & Fitness Campaign
  • Best Food & Beverages Campaign
  • Best General Business Campaign
  • Best General Consumer Campaign
  • Best Technology Campaign – Business
  • Best Technology Campaign – Consumer
  • Best Travel, Hospitality & Destinations Campaign
  • Best Not-for-Profit/Association/Government Campaign
  • Bulldog Awards' Grand Prize Winner (Multiple-category winner)

Please note that all 2013 Bulldog Media Relations Awards are for campaigns and activities that took place between July 1, 2011 and September 30, 2012.

Plus New in 2013: A Chance to Win the Bulldog Reporter PR Pros' Choice Awards™

This year, PR professionals will have the chance to choose their favorite PR campaign of the year from among the top winners in the 2013 Bulldog Media Relations Awards. Practitioners will vote online for their pick of the best PR campaign of the year, and the winner will take honors as the PR Pros' choice Awards™ Top Media Relations Campaign of the Year.

"We put the Bulldog Media Relations Awards at head of the class because they are judged independently—by journalists— and because we still believe that press, especially on small-budget campaigns, is the most immediate measure of success. Did we cause buzz? Did buzz cause results? The Bulldog judges ask the same questions our best clients do . . . and this means a win is a big win. It's the award [that's] pure: By, for and about the media—real newscrafting—which is what we do when we're at our best."

Marian Salzman, CEO, Havas PR

How to win Bulldog Awards for Media Relations and Industry-Area campaigns

The Bulldog Awards reward media relations mastery—your ability to achieve extraordinary visibility and influence opinion through traditional and digital media. They reward creativity, command of media and technology, and tenacity. Large-budget campaigns are welcome, but small-budget and regional efforts enjoy equal standing. For media relations campaign entries, we suggest you detail strategy, pitch, implementation, and a summary of results, plus a sample of your best hit only. The judges want to see extraordinary media savvy, tenaciousness and resourcefulness. Specifically, here are the qualities that will win you a Bulldog Media Relations Award, especially when used in combination:

"As an agency that positions itself as a media relations firm, we view our Bulldog Awards as affirmation that we can do what we say—get our clients 'media that matters.' Clients, prospective clients, journalists and even prospective employees have taken notice of the Silver and Bronze awards presented on our homepage. No wonder our awards have become a central component of our marketing efforts. It's great to be able to call ourselves an 'award-winning firm!'"

Richard Dukas, President & CEO, Dukas Public Relations

What the judges will be looking for in your entry

  1. Creativity and originality in conceiving the story angle, technique or implementation strategy, especially in the face of adversity, such as small budgets, little-known clients or difficult-to-distinguish products or services
  2. Strategic brilliance in determining which media and journalists to pitch or how to position your company or product. Judges give particular credit for media relations successes dependent on an intimate knowledge (and/or thorough research) of your target media and current PR technology.
  3. Fast thinking and quick turnaround in responding to breaking news, crisis or the need of the media for rapid response from you.
  4. Extraordinary execution of your plan—How astutely have you taken advantage of advanced PR technology and how adeptly have you used it? How masterfully have you employed PR techniques to make an impact and attract favorable media and public attention?
  5. Results, results, results. How many media—especially the nation's most influential media—picked up your story, particularly those media with tough requirements and little space for PR-driven stories? Relative to your budget, how much impact did you make?

Quick Reference: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What goes into the campaign explanation?

A. Overall and most importantly, you'll want to make the case for your creativity, skill and results—extraordinary achievement—especially evidence of breakthrough thinking, initiative, and qualities that are a credit to the art and craft of media relations communications. In addition, judges are often partial to entries that show a triumph over great odds or adversity. In addition, remember to cover these points:

Strategy: What was the creative and analytical thinking that went into this particular campaign? What led you to select the story angle and the media you chose? What difficulties or budget limitations did you have to overcome?

Pitch/implementation: Elucidate the media relations aspect of the PR campaign. How did you approach the media and facilitate media coverage? How did you position the story? What kind of groundwork was necessary before the journalist(s) bought in? If discussing social media, an online newsroom or a blog, focus on your originality, integration techniques and proven effectiveness.

Summary of results: Please include a brief summary of media placements, but more importantly, evidence of the effects of the campaign. For instance, "sales have increased 10%" or "web traffic increased by two million visits per month" or "public opinion was changed from 10% approval to 25% approval."

Q. When you say "best hit," what does that mean?

A. The entry pdf file should include a clip of your most impressive media coverage—your best hit—whether that's broadcast or print or web, or a link to it. Our judges want to see only one clip, but if you really, really can't decide, you may include two—but please, no more. Brevity is the key to an outstanding Bulldog Awards entry.

Q. On the entry form you ask for budget, but my client doesn't want to reveal the campaign budget. Can I leave it blank?

A. No, our judges need to be able to compare "apples to apples." If it's really a huge problem, you can specify a budget range (for instance, "under $10,000" or "$45-50,000"). A range of "$100,000 to $1,000,000" is too broad and will not be accepted. However, if you let us know that your budget amount is not to be publicized, we will respect that in any announcement materials should your entry win.

Q. What exactly are you asking for with "budget"?

A. We are using "budget" to mean the amount of money the client or top management was willing to spend to achieve the desired results. Don't include what the corporation or agency pays its employees or what the client pays to retain their agency. Stick to the expense that could be allocated directly to your campaign.

Bulldog Media Relations Awards are easy to enter: Use our short-form entry and submit it quickly online

Finally, an awards program that's easy to enter

Entry: The 2013 Bulldog Media Relations Awards are now easier than ever to enter, and now paperless. Simply prepare a 3-4 page brief of your campaign, PR firm or PR professional in PDF format.

Here are the steps you'll follow:

  1. Review this Bulldog Media Relations Awards 2013 brochure carefully for instructions and criteria for winning Awards.
  2. Go to the Entry Registration Page, fill out the form for each campaign you intend to enter, then make credit card payment for each campaign. After you click "send" below the payment form, you will be sent a confirmation email and the link to use to upload your entry. Your confirmation email will contain detailed instructions for uploading your campaign to our secure server.
  3. Create your entry following the Guidelines, including filling out the Entry
    Cover Page
  4. Combine the Entry Cover Page with your entry and convert to a single PDF file. Then submit (upload) your entry using the link in your confirmation email. Remember to include all video and audio submissions as links in your PDF document to hosted files on either your server or on your choice of hosting sites.
  5. Upload one copy of the entry for each category entered. For example: If you enter one campaign in three different categories, you'll pay $445 ($295 + $100 + $100), plus a late fee of $115 or $165 if applicable, and you'll upload three copies of the entry—one for each category.

"Winning a Bulldog Award signals to potential clients that your work has been recognized as best in class by the people who matter most to clients—the media. It is important that journalists, people who work with hundreds of PR professionals day in and day out, choose the Bulldog Award winners. Potential clients want to know that you can successfully work with the media, and being recognized as a best of the best by top-tier media makes a difference. Knowing that we got our client phenomenal media coverage among top-tier business media is wonderful. Receiving a Bulldog Award for it is icing on the cake—it elevates your company above your peers, and it really motivates our team to even higher heights."

Huma Gruaz, President & CEO,
Alpaytac Marketing Communications/Public Relations

All campaigns must have run between July 1, 2011 and September 30, 2012.

Deadlines: Deadline for early entries is Friday, December 28, 2012 and Friday, January 11, 2013 (and will be charged a one-time $115 late entry fee). Entries will be accepted after January 11 until Friday, January 25, 2013 (and will be charged a one-time $165 late-entry fee).

Fees: Basic judging fee to enter one campaign in one category is $295. Campaigns being considered in multiple categories will be charged $100 for each additional category. (Also see late-entry fees, above.) After you click the submit button, you will be sent an email with your order confirmation and the link from which to upload your submission in PDF format. Your confirmation email will contain a link and detailed instructions for uploading your campaign to our secure server.

Please note that if you are entering multiple campaigns you must register each one separately.

I entered the Bulldog Awards to showcase our company to customers, investors and employees. But actually winning our award was awesome—it's an honor that I personally value, knowing our team's hard work has been recognized nationally. It brings a sense of pride and accomplishment, and it validates our strategy and execution. Bulldog Awards are well respected because the judges are journalists—the toughest judges, in my opinion, of all the other awards programs.

Richard Ramlall,
SVP Corporate Development & Chief Communications Officer,
Primus Telecommunications Group, Inc

For further information, call the Bulldog Reporter Client Satisfaction Department at 1-800-959-1059.