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Behrman Communications Celebrates 30 Years in Business

Brand building and public relations agency Behrman Communications announced its 30th year in business. A pioneer in the public relations, corporate positioning and retail relations worlds, Behrman Communications has become synonymous with taking emerging start up brands and transforming them into multi-million dollar ventures.

The key to the agency’s success has always been its imaginative and resourceful thinking, and strong relationships with the media, key opinion leaders, manufacturers and retailers. With this synergistic ethos, the agency has dreamt up and executed highly successful, tailored campaigns for many of the powerhouse beauty, health and lifestyle brands that began as potent ideas and are now beloved household names.

Founder and President Nancy Behrman‘s forward-thinking vision and approach to brand building is at the core of Behrman PR’s success. Driven by a tireless passion for public relations and the will to not only succeed but to innovate, her mantra and work ethic has always been defined by, “We will make it happen” and, “We will make it happen differently and more effectively.”

Beginning with her first client, Kiehl’s since 1851, Behrman built her agency and an impressive roster of hero brands by eschewing the traditional, often stale, corporate tactics that once dominated the public relations industry. Instead, Nancy introduced fresh, novel methods that are now standard strategies, from sampling to philanthropic partnerships, redefining the landscape and weaving potential into mammoth results.

“Nancy Behrman and her team at Behrman Communications have been with eos from the start,” states Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra, Managing Partners at eos Products. “We selected them for their experience and capabilities and they have consistently exceeded expectations. Their efforts in publicizing eos fueled the popularity of the brand and helped take it to market leadership. The people at Behrman are smart, savvy and they care.”

Behrman Communications was also one of the first agencies to understand the influential role that beauty and health can impart in the celebrity and media worlds. Over the years, the agency has blueprinted some of the most successful creative partnerships in the industry for clients, from charities like AMFAR to celebrity red carpet events. Along the way, Behrman Communications has earned the trust and respect of premier influencers in the business, from celebrity makeup artists, stylists, and aestheticians to the top physicians in dermatology and plastic surgery around the country, and the most influential public relations players in the field – many of whom have trained under Nancy tutelage.

A multitude of Behrman PR’s clients have worked with the agency from their brand launch through sale, as was the case with Clarisonic. “We used Behrman PR while I was CEO of both the Sonicare and Clarisonic companies,” states David Giuliani, co-inventor and founding CEO of Optiva (Sonicare) and Pacific Bioscience Labs (Clarisonic). “Public relations as practiced by Behrman was arguably the best marketing investment we made. The Behrman folks were uniformly excellent in their creativity, judgment and execution. Public relations was our secret weapon, constantly allowing us to out-gun competitors relying mostly on advertising.”

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