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GCI Health

Serving today’s healthcare clients requires a commitment to knowing more, doing more and delivering more. As one of the largest and most acknowledged healthcare specialty agencies, GCI Health provides a full suite of healthcare communication services from A to Z that are in sync with our clients’ needs and industry transformation. We view communications challenges from a 360° perspective – looking at the expected, anticipating the unexpected – delivering strategies and tactics that work. We constantly push boundaries to exceed client expectations.

200 Fifth Ave
New York, NY
Tel. 212-798-9950

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Awards Won

Stars of PR
Healthcare Agency of the Year

GCI Health Redefining Healthcare Communications
Gold - 2015

Digital Social
Best Use of Digital/Social for a Health/Fitness/Medicine Campaign

America's Diabetes Challenge
Bronze - 2016

Digital Social
Best Use of Digital/Social for a Health/Fitness/Medicine Campaign

Reimagine MySelf
Bronze - 2016

Digital Social
Best Use of Video in a Digital/Social Environment

The Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future Highlights Nurses’ Vital Role in Healthcare via Digital Channels
Silver - 2016

Corporate Social Responsibility
Best Sustainability Campaign

Pfizer Uses Augmented Reality to Bring to Life the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Bronze - 2016

Corporate Social Responsibility

Pfizer Uses “Individual Voices” to Bring CSR Programs to Life
Bronze - 2016

Corporate Social Responsibility
Best Use of Social Media to Communicate CSR/Reputation/Sustainability

Pfizer Leverages Multi-channel Approach to Bring “Individual Voices” to Life on Social Media
Silver - 2016

Media Relations
Best Health, Medicine & Fitness Campaign

The Launch of Absorb: A Revolutionary, Game-Changing, First-of-Its-Kind Fully Dissolving Heart Stent
Gold - 2017