Who is eligible?
The Bulldog Awards celebrate excellence in public relations and communications. Anyone—such as PR, communications, marketing, social media, branding, product management, sales and investor relations professionals—who is involved in exceptional work in this field is welcome to enter. Big or small, we welcome all!

When should the work have been performed?
Campaign entries should be for work completed within the last year before the first submission deadline.  Awards for professionals and organizations are also generally given for work completed within the last year, but may also consider longer-term, even lifetime, achievements. For example if the program launches in January 2016, the work citied should have taken place from January 2015 – January 2016. We are somewhat flexible with timelines so if you need further clarification, send an email to awards@bulldogreporter.com.

What is the Bulldog Awards schedule? 
Summaries of campaigns, professionals and organizations must be submitted on or before their respective final deadlines.  (Note that you may enter and pay for your Awards entries prior to the final deadlines— without submitting your summary material—in order to take advantage of early-entry discounts.) View all program deadlines here.

In what format should I submit my entry? 
Our system will walk you through a set of simple steps that allow you to fill in relevant information without needing to guess what is needed. Your summary document should be in PDF format. Supporting files, including photos and videos are welcome and can also be uploaded into the system with your summary.

The summary should describe the campaign objectives, any research conducted, as well as the strategy and execution of actual results.  Results will be the most critical element of the nomination, and lists accomplishments may be supported by selected examples of coverage, materials produced and other evidence of results.

In short, the summary forms the basis on which your nomination will be judged.  This summary should show how you have met the criteria in your chosen category.

Once you have gone through the process, please ignore the note that states you will not be able to go back in and edit your entry. We will ensure to allow any edits until submission deadline.