If you only enter one awards program this year, go for Bulldog Gold! Here’s why!

  1. Above all, PR professionals regard the Bulldog Awards as the pinnacle of prestige, because they’re the only awards judged exclusively by working journalists—not only the most critical communications practitioners in the business, but also the people we need to impress the most.
  2. Bulldog Award winners receive more publicity among PR and corporate communicators than any other program. Only Bulldog Award winners are featured in Bulldog Reporter’s Daily ’Dog, Forbes’ top-listed PR industry “must read” publication. In addition, your win will be included on all Bulldog Reporter social media channels and industry press releases—winning a Bulldog Award will put you in the industry limelight as no other award can do—you will be noticed, you will be honored.
  3. The Bulldog Awards give you more chances to win than any other people or agency competition in our industry: multiple categories in each program provide more chances to win. If your or your organization’s professional accomplishments have been extraordinary over the last year—chances are there’s a gold, silver or bronze Bulldog Award with your name on it.
  4. No wonder that when you win a Bulldog Award, good things happen to you: The prestige of these legendary Awards vaults your career, boosts your team’s morale, increases your credibility with management and gives you a powerful new-business tool.
  5. Most importantly, entering the Bulldog Awards is easy and inexpensive—especially if you take advantage of our early bird pricing. (If you’re under the gun, you can even start your entry at the discounted rates and complete it after the savings deadlines!)