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Allison+Partners Launches Workplace Specialty to Help Companies Bolster Their Employer Brands

Allison+Partners announced the launch of Workplace, a new offering focused on helping organizations become great places to work. This is of vital importance as new research from the agency reveals companies adopting an “employee first” mentality have a better chance of attracting top talent, building employee loyalty and, ultimately, inspiring customers to engage with their brand.

A recent Allison+Partners’ study on consumer perceptions about employee engagement revealed that 68 percent will form or change their opinion based on how a brand treats its employees. Sixty-seven percent would be inspired to try or buy a product if an employee speaks positively about the brand, while 60 percent would actively avoid buying a product if the employee speaks negatively about the brand or company.

“When employees are proud of what they do and where they work, they help attract more customers and talent for the company,” said Hadas Streit, vice president and head of the Workplace specialty group. “Allison+Partners helps companies across many industries find their points of differentiation and create a compelling narrative that brings their employer brand to life and activates their people.“

Allison+Partners has deep experience using primary and secondary research, focused strategy sessions and robust internal and external communications to help clients turn their employer brands into their greatest asset.

“Allison+Partners’ dedicated Workplace team has supported us for the past three years on both national and regional levels to build our brands,” said Ed Blust, chief marketing officer of The Adecco Group, North America. “The strategic insights and media the team has achieved has been a critical part of our marketing mix, enabling us to drive business results.”


Workplace specialty services include:


  • Employer Scorecards: A brief evaluation of the client’s benefits compared to their competitors, following a checklist of standard best-practice benefits for that industry. Results can be used to help internal stakeholders determine where they stack up against competitors, and improve their overall benefit package for better recruitment, placement on best places to work lists, and thought leadership.
  • Audits: An in-depth audit of the client’s internal culture, using employee surveys and interviews with key stakeholders to develop a comprehensive view of the current culture, including what is working well and areas for potential improvement.


  • Brand Think Squad: A facilitated ideation session that brings together senior talent from across the agency to help clients with a specific problem or issue they are facing regarding their employer brand.
  • Best Places to Work (BPTW) Bootcamps: These intensive 1-2 day sessions map out the steps an organization needs to take with internal stakeholders, including HR, in order to be recognized as a “Best Place to Work.”
  • Employee Evangelist Workshops: A workshop that guides organizations to identify and empower selected employees with training and tools to better represent the employer brand on social media, job sites, through internal communications and recruitment.

Communications Support

  • Regional Retention + Recruitment (RRR) Programs:Media blitzes conducted to help retrain and recruit talent in strategic regions.
  • Internal + External Communications: Internal content (newsletters, blogs, etc.) and external efforts (media relations, conferences, job fairs, etc.), designed to help tell organizations’ employer brand stories to raise employee morale, energize sales teams and improve employer perceptions.
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