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4 in 5 Consumers Say Personally Relevant Branded Content Increases Their Purchase Intent

brand content, brand experience, brand strategy, Content marketing, content sequencing, Content strategy, Marketing, Marketing Insider Group, OneSpot, Personalization, Pr, Public relations, purchase intent, relevant contentAmazon, Google and Facebook are the Best at Personalization, Study Finds

Nearly eight in ten consumers said personally relevant content increases their purchase intent for a brand’s products and services according to new research from content sequencing platform OneSpot and strategy consultancy Marketing Insider Group. The survey was designed to better understand U.S. consumer attitudes, preferences and expectations for personalized branded content.

“More than ever, consumers expect and demand a personally relevant experience wherever they go and whatever they do digitally,” said Adam Weinroth, chief marketing officer at OneSpot, in a news release. “Findings from this research reinforce the need to make personalization a strategic priority for brands to remain relevant to consumers. Digital marketers who leave this irreversible trend unaddressed are missing a tremendous business opportunity and placing their brands and business results at risk.”

Key findings from the study of 1,500 U.S. consumers discovered:

Brands risk alienating consumers by not making content personally relevant.

  • Nearly half (45%) of consumers won’t spend time with branded content if it’s not relevant to their interests.
  • Forty-two percent (42%) of consumers are less interested in a brand’s products and services if the content the brand provides is not personally relevant.
  • More than half (51%) of millennial consumers (age 18 to 34) are less interested in a brand’s products and services if the brand’s content isn’t personally relevant.

Consumers are more inclined to purchase and pay more for products from brands that personalize content marketing.

  • Eighty-eight percent (88%) of consumers say that personally relevant content improves how they feel about a brand.
  • Seventy-eight percent (78%) say that personally relevant content increases their purchase intent for a brand’s products and services.
  • Fifty percent (50%) say that they would pay more for products and services from brands who do a good job of providing personally relevant content.

Not all digital channels are created equal when it comes to content discovery; Facebook stands above the others.

  • Half (50%) of consumers surveyed cited Facebook as a primary discovery channel for branded content.
  • Email and Search tied for the second top discovery channel at 29%.
  • Millennial respondents (age 18 to 34) cited YouTube (42%) as a primary channel for branded content discovery.

Amazon sets the gold standard in providing a personalized digital experience followed by Google and Facebook.

  • At a significant margin, 55% of consumers indicated that Amazon sets the standard for delivering personalized digital experiences followed by Google (39%) and Facebook (38%).

Consumers place the most value on content that informs and educates them.

  • Consumers find content that “informs” (40%) and “educates” (28%) to be the most valuable. Only 17% say content that “entertains” is the most valuable and 11% say content that “inspires” is the most valuable.
  • Eighty-one percent (81%) of consumers say that content “quality” is somewhat or very important, and 78% of consumers say that “relevance” is somewhat or very important.
  • When citing the most important categories for personally relevant content, consumers ranked Health & Wellness at the top with 72%, followed closely by Food (71%) and Electronics & Technology (66%).

“Attention has become the currency of all digital experiences. Increasingly, the best way to attract attention is through high-quality content delivered through an individually personalized experience for consumers,” said Michael Brenner, chief executive officer and founder of Marketing Insider Group, in the release.

Download the complete report here.

Source: PR Newswire; edited by Richard Carufel

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