15 Incredible Mobile Commerce Stats for the Holidays

Andrew Gazdecki, Bizness Apps, holiday mobile shopping, holiday shopping, holiday specials, Marketing, Mobile commerce, mobile shopping, Pr, Public relationsBy Andrew Gazdecki, Founder and CEO, Bizness Apps

With the holiday shopping season getting into full swing, many retailers are looking for any edge they can find to increase revenue. It used to be relatively easy. All a store had to do was buy a few local radio or TV spots, run an ad or two in the paper, and hang up enough signs in the store telling shoppers about the amazing holiday specials and deals. Times have changed.

Now, shoppers are a savvy bunch armed with smart phones and a growing sense of disbelief when it comes to retailers and brands promising the moon. With the tap of a few icons, a potential buyer will instantly be on Amazon seeing how many stars a product has. And if it’s, cheaper they might just buy it online while standing in your store. Assuming they don’t bypass your store altogether.

So, what is a retailer to do? First, get armed with the right info. Learn how shoppers spend their dollars these days. Learn when they start shopping and why—understanding their habits equals dollar signs. Learn not only how shoppers use technology, but how you can best utilize tech to get them to buy from you. Most of all, learn how to make an app, and leverage it to bring in the bucks. Here are few things the How Mobile Commerce Will Profit this Holiday Season will show you just what is in store for mobile commerce in these next few months.

  • 92% of consumers research the gifts they want to buy online–odds are they are doing this right in your store. Talk abou the power of mobile.
  • Online mobile components play a large role in the life of shoppers. In fact, they are crucial for the 49% of shoppers who get their shopping done before Cyber Monday.
  • 93% of shoppers feel that companies that don’t offer free shipping is deal breaker.
  • Mobile sales accounts for 27.9% of sales during Black Friday.

These are just a few things you need to know. Take a look at the rest of these shopping statistics.

Andrew Gazdecki is the founder and CEO of Bizness Apps — making mobile apps affordable and simple for small businesses. We’re a do-it-yourself iPhone, iPad, Android & HTML5 app platform that allows any small business to simultaneously create, edit, and manage mobile apps without any programming knowledge needed. Think of us as “WordPress for mobile app creation.” Many of our customers mobile app resellers — marketing or design agencies that use our platform to cost effectively build mobile apps for small business clients.

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