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Crises in their more dire forms can damage or destroy a brand in a worst-case scenario, and cause lost revenues and customers in less drastic situations. It is critically important for an organization to be prepared for unanticipated circumstances. Even someone else’s failure can become detrimental to your own business—competitors’ mistakes can cost the entire industry.

And those problems are compounded when you add social media to the mix: Look no further than the recent US Airways Twitter pic incident—which Entrepreneur dubbed the “worst brand Tweet of all time”—for proof that digital media can spark and spread a crisis...

Unleash the awesome power of LinkedIn PR


Learn the latest best practices for skyrocketing your Twitter...

The world’s fastest growing brands know how to leverage online influencers and forums to build a following of fans who help them spread the word about the brand—and increase awareness, popularity and sales. Here’s your chance to learn how smart marketers create vast cadres of “brand ambassadors”—fans who turn conversations about products or services into passionate conversations and advocacy.

Bottom line: Customer loyalty is a key competitive differentiator in today’s market—and it’s no longer the sole domain of CRM pros. Thanks to the rise of social media, word-of-mouth marketing and...

Savvy communicators and marketers know that corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs help increase engagement and communicate your brand story—all while doing good in the community and the larger world.

But in a post-Occupy world often casting a harsh light on corporate practices—from questionable offshore manufacturing practices to zero corporate tax rates to “green-washing”—it’s not easy to get your messages across. In addition, it’s challenging to stay on top of non-financial reporting guidelines for public companies expected to provide sustainability and CSR reporting.

What are the latest tips and proven techniques for...

Most CEOs and execs either fear or loathe facing the press. So when the media comes calling, they turn to you to arm them with a quick backgrounder on the reporter and hastily scripted quotes. But that’s not enough in today’s go-go 24/7 news cycle.

Instead, you need a disciplined and easy-to-implement system for controlling the message whether in traditional or new media—while making sure your exec looks good on camera and sounds confident and comfortable fielding questions so you see the quotes you want in the final interview.

But how exactly can you control the media message? What are the best and quickest ways to...


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