Pr Writing

Learn how to rivet journalists, customers, investors and online readers with words of wonder . . . words that move people

Sharpen one of the most highly valued skills in the public relations armamentarium with reports, conference sessions and webinars focused on more powerful writing for traditional and Web 2.0 media.

The blogosphere is a massively overlooked PR opportunity. After all, consumers increasingly trust bloggers more than brands and even the mainstream media. What’s more, bloggers can become your brand ambassadors and plug you directly into relevant online communities (i.e., potential customers). And, as you know, bloggers have mastered the art of leveraging social media to drive buzz.

Similarly, bloggers need more stories and PR ideas—and are increasingly looking to partner with PR and marketing professionals beyond one-off pitches. So which bloggers are most influential in your market—and how do you find them? What’s the best way to approach an online influencer? Which topics are top bloggers writing about today, and how can you hook your product, service or company into...




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