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Bring your team’s skills up to the minute—and up to the masters’ level—using PR University’s high-level training programs Bulldog Reporter’s professional development resources—conferences, workshops, webinars and audio conferences—give you the benefit of expert public relations instruction, plus real-world experience.

All live events are also available in a recorded format, on-demand—train your team on your schedule, as many times as you wish.

Savvy communicators and marketers know that corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs help increase engagement and communicate your brand story—all while doing good in the community and the larger world.

But in a post-Occupy world often casting a harsh light on corporate practices—from questionable offshore manufacturing practices to zero corporate tax rates to “green-washing”—it’s not easy to get your messages across. In addition, it’s challenging to stay on top of non-financial reporting guidelines for public companies expected to provide sustainability and CSR reporting.

What are the latest tips and proven techniques for...

Have your social media results flatlined? Have you rushed to launch campaigns on new platforms only to see them bottom out? Is it getting harder to sustain the volume of shareable content you need to engage online fans? Are you finding it more difficult to deliver the social media ROI your boss or client demands?

The good news is you can escape this vicious cycle and stop executing social media tactics for their own sake by following a proven social media strategy guaranteed to drive business goals.

In just 90 information-packed minutes, social media experts at top brands will give you a proven methodology you can...

Given today’s brutal competition for scoring ink, airtime or pixels in the most influential business outlets—plus the shrinking business news market—it helps to have an inside track on placement in top media. If you want to make your company or product or CEO a star in leading business and finance media, it takes the right combination of killer content and bulldog tenacity to break through.

It also helps to know exactly what top business media are looking for, what first-tier editors are talking about and where business coverage is headed in the weeks and months ahead.

The good news: You can learn what it takes to break...


Is your company’s online newsroom up to speed and mobile-ready? Have you incorporated the latest social media widgets? Do you offer Web video to add “stickiness” to your site—and give visiting journalists, the public and even analysts or investors what they want most online? If not—you’re not alone. In today’s Web 2.0 era, there’s still a huge gap between what journalists expect to see on corporate sites—and what PR practitioners actually provide online, including social media-ready content.

What this means to you: You can boost media mentions, improve media relations and dramatically increase...


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