New & Improved Guide
Reveals How to Increase
the Profitability of Your PR Agency
by Up to 30% Using
Updated Benchmarks and Ratios

In the 2nd edition of "The Ultimate PR Agency Financial Management Handbook­—How to Manage by the Numbers for Breakthrough Profitability of 20% or Greater," expert
Rick Gould reveals steps you can take immediately
to start managing your agency smarter---
and achieve net profits of 20-30%.

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Dear PR/Communications Professional:

If you're the president of a PR firm and you're not generating consistent net profit of 20% per year, isn't it time to take control of your business once and for all? Isn't it time to give your people---and yourself---the benefits of prosperity and predictability that you deserve?

Wouldn't you like to learn how to manage your PR firm by a set of "magic numbers"---using proven ratios and disciplined techniques that take the guesswork out of billing rates and employee productivity, as well as labor, rent and other expenses?

How would you like to learn PR-agency management formulas that are
guaranteed to increase your PR agency's profitability---no matter what the economic environment?

During challenging economic times, it simply isn't enough to chase new business and land new accounts. To survive and prosper, you must have systems in place that monitor your performance and profitability. But which benchmarks should you be monitoring and how often?

New & Improved 2nd Edition

  • How much revenue should each of your account people be generating relative to their salary? How much in fee billings should you be generating for each full-time professional?
  • How much in cash reserves should you have in the bank at all times?
  • How long should you allow your clients to go before they pay your invoices---what should you do if they fall behind?
  • How much in total unpaid fees should you have at any given time?
  • How should you handle your vendors if you hit a rough patch and can't pay your bills on time?
  • What is the most powerful incentive you can offer your top management to ensure their long-term loyalty?
  • Which Key Performance Indicators (KPI) should you be monitoring on a monthly basis?
  • How do your billing rates compare with national and regional agency averages?
  • What is the biggest mistake PR firms make on their invoices to clients?
  • When should you hire a Chief Financial Officer and what qualities should you look for in that person?
  • What are the nine steps you should take at the first sign of a recession?
  • What should your agency plan look like and how often should you revise it?
  • What should your professional billing rates be by industry specialty and professional title? (One chart in this book gives you all the answers.)
  • How should you manage your firm to be able to sell it at some point down the road . . . and make sure you (and your family) get top dollar when you do?

PR agency financial management guru Rick Gould, CPA, J.D, Managing Partner of StevensGouldPincus, reveals all the inside tips on how to push your firm to the next level of profitability---even amid a downturn---and move to the average net profit of 20-30% per year that the best performers regularly earn.

You'll discover today's best practices of disciplined PR agency management from one of the most respected consultants in the field. We guarantee you'll discover practical strategies, techniques, ratios and hard-won principles that you can---and should---put to work the minute you put down the book.

What's more, all of the data and tips in this 2nd edition have been updated or expanded, and new sections have been added---including:

  • A chapter outlining how to position your firm "as if to sell" to drive greater profits even if you're not interested in selling.

  • A chapter revealing essential strategic financial planning steps that most agency owners and principals overlook, but which could dramatically increase your revenues.

  • Plus new financials, case studies, sidebars and much, much more…

If you are ready to take the your agency on a journey toward increased profits, more financial stability and greater career success for you and your valued employees---then make sure you read the new and improved "The Ultimate PR Agency Financial Management Handbook: How to Manage by the Numbers for Breakthrough Profitability of 20% or Greater" today.

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Best regards,

Jim Sinkinson

Jim Sinkinson
Publisher, Bulldog Reporter


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