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Once you put our Media Pro contact directory through its paces, we think you'll want to subscribe. Learn how easy it is to create smart media lists quickly and inexpensively. Sign up for a free 7-day trial now.


Bulldog Reporter's 130,000 plus database of journalists and inside pitching profiles is updated daily: Media Pro delivers smarter media lists and more media placements … at a lower cost.


Media Pro is a dream come true for PR professionals who can't afford the big $3,000 (or more!) media list services—but who need precisely targeted press release distribution and pitching lists. (Media Pro only costs $1,695 per year, but ask about our special introductory discount to reduce your cost even more!)

Build laser-focused lists

Create your media contact lists using Bulldog Reporter's database of more than 130,000 of the nation's most influential journalists at the 35,000 top newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, websites, bloggers, and trade journals.

Specify the media outlet types you need, specific beats, journalist job titles, geographical areas—even keywords to find journalists who cover diabetes, games, concerts, social networks, cruises, health food and thousands more editorial hot buttons.

Download your media contact list in text or Excel

Media Pro lets you create and edit a media contact list, save it and export it. Use the text (CSV) format to import to Access or other database programs … or simply export your list as an Excel file.

Use Media Pro to distribute your releases

Uploading and distributing your press release to one of your saved media contact lists using Media Pro takes no time at all. Use it to distribute your release to up to 2,000 journalists by email.


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