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Inside Health MediaInside Health Media gives you a daily news feed of all the news about health media and journalists, as well as a steady stream of Pitching Tips. Best of all, your subscription gives you the industry's most complete health media research tool for checking contact information, target journalists, beat charts and pitching preferences for nearly 5,000 editorial staff who cover health, medicine and fitness.

How Inside Health Media helps you place stories: A true story

"What's nice about this service is that it gives you both news and a search capability—and it's daily. It gives me the top headlines of the day, and it's very useful to be able to search reporters by disease. Most of all, I like the round-ups. I read your piece on the Wall Street Journal to find out which reporters were covering what. That led me to contact Andrea Peterson, who was listed in the article, and I placed a story. Within about a week, they ran the story about my client. That's pretty useful!"
Kathryn Kempf
VP, Corporate Communications, B&Y Communications

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Use the links below to see all of Inside Health Media's advanced news and intelligence capabilities.

Fast Moves: News about health journalist beat and job changes

Pitching Updates: A steady stream of insights from leading health journalists on how best to pitch them

Inside Top Media: In-depth round-up articles on top media outlets, departments, desks, sections and programs

Search Contact Database: Find contact and pitching intelligence for search target journalists, media outlets, or topics. You can also search media outlets and health journalists geographically. And you can search outlets by media type.

News Center: In addition to Health News Headlines, compiled daily by the editor, this page also includes live RSS feeds from Google News, Medical News Today and MedPage Today. If that's not enough for your daily news fix, you'll find direct links to 35 of the leading heath news sites at the bottom of the right navigation bar.

A comprehensive daily roundup: A comprehensive daily roundup of press releases organized by category. In addition, the Press Releases index page also includes live RSS feeds from PR Newswire and BusinessWire.

Topics/Markets Index: Nearly 400 topic centers covering medical specialties, conditions, industries and lifestyle categories. Here, you'll find links to relevant media outlets, organizations, events and related topics. Most pages also provide single-click access to reference information via Google, Wikipedia, PubMed and PLoS. You can access the topic centers from this index page or from pull-down menus in the left navigation bar.

Regional Information Centers organized by media market and state. In addition to info about local media outlets, these pages offer quick links to government agencies, medical institutions and organizations in each region. On the state pages, you'll find links to statistics compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau and Kaiser Family Foundation. You can access these via pull-down menus in the left navigation bar.


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