Introducing the definitive guide on:

• How Facebook PR really works to skyrocket
• Best Facebook PR practices
• How to attract a huge follower base
• How to use pages, groups and tabs
• Greatest Facebook faux pas
• How to create posts with maximum punch
• How to monitor your Facebook followers
• How to measure Facebook PR results
• Inspiring best-practice case studies
• How to use Facebook to pitch journalists
• Best ways to tie your Twitter campaigns to
• Hottest time-saving Facebook tools

Dear PR/Communications Professional:

Of all the social media PR tools, none reaches as many people as Facebook, and none has the potential to engage and attract followers like Facebook. But the art and science of using Facebook are advancing at a dizzying pace.

Consider this: More than 500 million people are active users of the site---and some 50% of them log in every day!

Best of all, thousands of companies are already exploiting this channel to increase visibility, engagement, brand evangelists and even sales.

Don’t you agree with me that PR must seize the initiative in using Facebook to reach and influence our markets . . . and seize it now?

Facebook gives us the chance to build huge groups of followers---around individual products, around technologies, around policy issues, and even around discounts and bargains.

Most importantly, it gives us the power to engage these friends, followers and visitors. If you can interest and hold these people, they display amazing loyalty and astounding receptivity to your message.

Let’s be honest: Facebook marketing has not been automatically bequeathed to public relations pros. Other communicators---advertising, marcomm, digital marketers---would love to take control of Facebook communications. We should not let it happen!

We will only command the Facebook channel if we
act decisively now.

That’s the reason I want to tell you about Bulldog Reporter’s new “Facebook PR Handbook”---the one guide you’ll want on your shelf to help you understand and master the exciting new capabilities of this dominant marketing channel.

This new “field guide” covers every major advance in Facebook PR that’s come our way over the past year---and it tells you exactly how to exploit them strategically and put them to work starting today.

“Facebook PR Handbook: How to Win Friends and Engage Customers with the World’s Mightiest Social Network” gives you street-savvy answers to all these questions and hundreds more.

Above all this compact guide is single-mindedly practical: While you’ll get all the background and definitions for these new tools, our emphasis here is on action---evaluating, implementing, measuring results. You’ll get such actionable details as these:

To be sure, Facebook PR is fast becoming one of the most valuable---and highly valued---skills in the public relations field. On a personal note, the respect (and compensation) you receive as a professional communicator will only increase as you master this powerful tool.

But here’s the other side: The blessing of social media PR confronts us with major challenges.

First, if we want to take leadership in new social media technologies, like Facebook marketing, we have to do it now, before aggressive marcomm and ad folks jump on them.

Second, of course, we need to understand these advanced tools---their strategic application, like Facebook’s ability to leverage corporate brand and product sales.

And third, we have to know exactly what to do, in what order.

No question about it: Bulldog Reporter’s “Facebook PR Handbook: How to Win Friends and Engage Customers with the World’s Mightiest Social Network” helps you meet all three challenges.

I think you’ll especially like the fact that this Facebook PR guide gives you reports from the front lines---revealing case studies in Facebook PR success. Among many others, you’ll learn:

If you’re ready to start taking advantage of today’s exciting new developments in Facebook PR, I urge you to acquire a copy of “Facebook PR Handbook: How to Win Friends and Engage Customers with the World’s Mightiest Social Network.”

Please order online now or call 1-800-959-1059.


Jim Sinkinson
Jim Sinkinson
Publisher, Bulldog Reporter


Want to see what specific topics are covered in “The Facebook PR Handbook” before you purchase it? Just go to table of contents now.

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