July 30, 2014
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PR Biz Update

Disconnect Between Technology and Marketing: Tech Companies Have Yet to Effectively Reach a Marketing Audience, New Ruder Finn Study Finds

Ruder Finn recently released a report, in partnership with Brand Republic, studying the use of marketing technology in a digitally evolving market. The study reveals that while marketers are becoming more involved in making technology-purchasing decisions, marketing technology companies are not effectively communicating with them. In fact, 80 percent of respondents felt that they are closely involved in technology buying decisions, but 56 percent of these teams feel that technology companies do not market themselves effectively to a non-technical audience. “Our research indicates a clear and continuous increase in the influence on technology purchasing decisions of the marketing department and this is something that technology companies must consider seriously …”

Website PR: New User-Experience Study Finds Site Performance is Key to Positive Web Experience—With the Speed, Reliability and Number of Options Today, Sluggish Websites Don’t Cut It

Limelight Networks, a global leader in digital content delivery, recently announced its first annual State of the User Experience Report that explores key trends in how users engage with digital experiences. Website performance is critical to business success, according to the study—if organizations want to win and retain customers, they must provide a digital experience that exceeds consumer expectations for performance. “With the advent of faster networks, better devices and more choices for consumers online, there’s little room for slow or sluggish website performance. Creating a great digital experience for your audience is hard. Performance is at the core of success for online businesses and should be a top priority …”


Skyrocket PR firm profits in 2014—discover the powerful secrets of “The PR Agency Operations Management for Profit
Friday, August 22

All PR firms want to boost profits, but few have a systematic program for doing so. Now Bulldog Reporter presents a half-day webinar workshop that gives PR agency principals, financial and operations execs a step-by-step plan guaranteed to increase your profitability this year, including: 1) Mastering the 12 traits of highly profitable agencies, 2) best financial management methods, from key ratios to new budgeting and premium pricing models, and 3) the operational decisions and cash management best practices that affect your fortunes every day. Taught by PR agency management consultant and Managing Partner, ProsperGroup, Alex Halbur, along with guest and agency management expert Larry Kamer, this event will provide instruction and practical templates on measurement reports (staff productivity, revenue, cash management, and P&Ls), cash management (billing, payables and receivables) and even talent management for spreading a culture of revenue generation across the agency. Join us on Friday, August 22, 1PM-5PM ET (10AM-2PM PT) from the comfort of your office or conference room. To see specific topics, print out the brochure. Register by  Friday, August 8 to save $100.

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Prime Research

Experts Cite Lack of Exposure to Barcelona Principles, Continued Use of Ad Values and Prevalent “CYA Syndrome” as Culprits in Ineffective Measurement Programs – Feature 2

By Jon Greer, Contributor, and Richard Carufel, Editor, Bulldog Reporter; Presented in Partnership with PRIME Research

Top communications professionals agree on the value of measuring the effectiveness of PR programs and their contributions to the larger business goals. Even still, daunting obstacles still seem to block most companies from launching and maintaining a truly disciplined research and measurement program. What exactly are those obstacles? For example, to what degree are the Barcelona Principles accepted and observed by Fortune 500 companies? To what degree do corporate communications executives still lean on the outdated Advertising Value Equivalents (AVEs) metric, even though measurement experts have largely discredited it? And what other roadblocks stand in the way of effective communications research and measurement?

For fresh answers to these pressing questions, Bulldog Reporter and PRIME Research interviewed measurement thought leaders and members of the Institute for Public Relations’ Measurement Commission as part of a joint “2014 Corporate Communications Practices Measurement Study.” Early findings are published here as an article series and will later be included in a comprehensive study designed to help communicators develop measurement programs that tie more closely to corporate objectives, increase the influence of communications in corporate strategy, and improve the return on corporate investment in communications research and measurement. This second of four installments assesses the leading obstacles to disciplined PR research and measurement programs ...


Research-Based Public Relations Insight

With offices around the world, PRIME Research marries technology with talent to provide international clients with research-based public relations insights and guidance to help inform better communications and business decisions. For more information about PRIME, email Brittany Luse at luse@prime-research.com.



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Another Look at Audience Categories—Slicing and Dicing Industries and Job Functions

By Steve Beale, News Editor and Inside Health Media Editor, Bulldog Reporter

Back in April, I suggested that PR pros assign audience tags to media outlets as a way to filter their contact lists. It's not enough to know what topics an outlet covers—you also need a way to identify the audience. For example, a publication that covers pharmaceuticals could be aimed at researchers, drug company executives, retailers, health insurers, doctors, pharmacists, patients, etc., and a pitch appropriate for one group might not work for another.

The trick is figuring out an appropriate way to categorize the audiences, which will vary depending on the kinds of clients you represent. In the earlier column, I outlined the system that I use for Bulldog Reporter's Inside Health Media. Now I'd like to take a step back and discuss some general principles you might consider when developing your own classification system. This week, I'll focus on B-to-B audiences; I'll look at the consumer side in a future column ...

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This rare, just-updated list is guaranteed to increase your chances for scoring blockbuster media coverage among these top online influencers. If you want to get your story into the most visited travel and destination blogs—now's the time to start pitching. But first you have to know who the top bloggers are, what they are covering, where their blogs are located, and how to make contact with these elusive writers. Good news: Bulldog Reporter has compiled the most comprehensive, up-to-date travel blog list on earth, featuring editorial contact info—including all available email addresses, website and Twitter links, and/or phone numbers—for 270 top outlets. Best of all, you can download the new 2014 Travel Blogger Contact Guide now. It's a travel and destination media pitching and placement gold mine! Learn more and purchase your copy now.
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Thought Leaders

Malaysia Airlines and Others Wish Perception Didn’t Trump Reality: Can Proactive PR, Laced with Psychology, Help the Aviation Industry?

By Scott Sobel, MA Media Psychology, and Danielle Blevins, Esq.

Emotional reaction to the latest Malaysia Airlines tragedy is destroying the airline’s business and certainly is affecting all other commercial flight. And even before the public had time to digest this tragedy, other plane disasters struck. Last week, a Taiwan TransAsia Airways plane crashed in stormy weather killing 48 people and injuring 10 others. Soon after, Air Algiers found itself dealing with a plane crash of its own, claiming the lives of 116 people on board. The downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 killed 298 people and the mystery still remains unsolved as to what happened to the airline’s Flight 370, vanishing in March, with 239 people onboard. Is there anything Malaysia Airlines, TransAsia, Air Algiers or the commercial aviation industry can do to fight the perception that air travel is unsafe?

In the case of Malaysia Airlines, the beleaguered carrier is fighting the deadly dual perceptions of either being incompetent or cursed. Reality and statistics do not reinforce those perceptions but that doesn’t really matter when you see ticket sales plummet, the news media searching for stories to drive the nail into the airline’s quickly closing coffin while raising arguably justified questions about the safety of all commercial flight, period. For instance, we noticed this query from a reporter ...

Get full contact info for more than 185 of America's most popular talk and interview shows

New 2014 Top Talk & Interview Show Producers Contact Guide—Place your clients on more than 185 national and local radio and TV talk and interview shows.

This new list is guaranteed to increase your chances for scoring blockbuster media placements among these top TV and radio talk and interview shows. If you want to get authors, experts, celebrities, artists, chefs, entertainers, politicians or personalities in any field into the most-watched national and local TV and radio talk and interview shows—now’s the time to start pitching. But first you have to know who the most influential producers are and how to make contact with these elusive executives. Good news: Bulldog Reporter has compiled the most comprehensive, up-to-date talk and interview show producers guide available, featuring producer contact info—including email addresses, website and/or phone numbers—for more than 185 top national and local programs and 770 contacts, Best of all, you can download the new 2014 Talk & Interview Show Producers Contact Guide now. It’s a TV and radio pitching and placement gold mine!

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Winning PR Campaigns

IKEA’s PR Breakthrough: How Lippe Taylor Lit a Fire Under Consumers and Scored Client Over 1,000 Media Placements for a Major Announcement

By Talia Sinkinson, Editor, Media Relations, Bulldog Reporter

It’s never been easier to reach out to journalists and bloggers, whether it’s by email, Twitter or, of course, the telephone. But that access doesn’t guarantee pitching success. You still have to make the right pitch—at exactly the right time—to score that precious media placement. When the PR pros at Lippe Taylor were charged with generating media coverage surrounding a major announcement for furniture giant, IKEA, they had to perfect this one-two punch. IKEA was ready to roll out the news that it would exclusively sell and use LED lighting in U.S. stores by 2016. The announcement needed to give consumers the reasoning behind the LED initiative and build media hype years before the change would actually occur. 

The Challenge: Prime consumers to increase spend—and drive media interest way ahead of time.

“There were two initial big challenges for this campaign—one for consumers and one for media,” says Lippe Taylor CEO and founder, Maureen Lippe. “First, for consumers, our challenge was lack of awareness and understanding of LED, coupled with the fact that LED bulbs were more expensive. There was a big education gap that needed to be closed. We had to ensure that people understood that in the long run, LED would actually save them money…and be good for the planet ...

Early Deadline: Friday, August 1

Announcing the new 2014 Bulldog Digital/Social PR Awards: Show the world your superior online prowess.
Friday, August 29

This year 82 PR and corporate communications professionals will win Digital/Social PR Awards from Bulldog Reporter—honoring the best our industry has to offer in interactive communications and publicity. Why should you enter? First, because the Bulldog Digital/Social Awards are the only awards judged by working journalists and bloggers. When they say you're the best, you know you are. Second, because when you win a Bulldog Digital/Social Award, the world knows about it—winners receive more coverage, more publicity and more visibility than with any other PR industry program. Third, entry is easy and inexpensive. Early entry deadline: Friday, August 1; late deadline: Friday, August 15; and final deadline: Friday, August 29. For complete details, print out the seven-page brochure now or go to online details.


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Idea Bank

Don’t Let Your Suit Moray! 4 Tips for Looking and Sounding Your Best When Pitching TV or Radio

By Brian Pittman

Millions of TV viewers and radio listeners tune in to their favorite news and talk shows day-in and day-out. This poses a huge opportunity for mass exposure of celebrities, authors, experts, spokespeople and newsmakers. But what exactly do TV and radio producers, booking agents and news directors want in a pitch? What are the must-have traits of every guest they book—and how can you build long-term relationships with these broadcast gatekeepers? Some quick tips and insights from PR University panelists past and present:

1. Double-check—don’t rely on media databases. “I was a producer for seven years—and worked for the major networks,” says Annie Scranton, founder and president of Pace Public Relations. “What I noticed the most from PR people were untargeted pitches—and even pitches sent to people who were no longer [on the beat or at the network],” she recalls. “Now I know why that happens. It has to do with media databases like Cision and Gorkana.” Put simply, media databases might not be as updated as you’d expect—especially if you’re pitching TV, where churn runs rampant ...

Carmelle Druchniak
Principal, Scout PR (Formerly at Stonyfield)

Bulldog Reporter's PR University presents a new Master Class Webinar

10 Seconds to Succeed or Die When Pitching Media: Powerful Elevator Pitches for PR Pros
Thursday, July 31

It’s never been easier to reach out to a journalist or blogger, whether it’s by email, Twitter or, of course, the telephone. But that access doesn’t guarantee pitching success. You still have to make the right pitch—at the right time—to score that precious media placement. Learn how to pitch more effectively by learning the secrets of the pros who pitch A-list media daily—including Adam Williams, Media Relations Manager, APCO Worldwide; Catharine M. Hamm, Travel Editor, The Los Angeles Times; Carmelle Druchniak, Principal, SCOUT PR; Nancy Mays, Former Executive Director, Communications, Applebee’s; and Douglas Simon, President & CEO, D S Simon Productions. In 90 information-packed minutes, you’ll hear firsthand from these experts how to break through the clutter and sell your story quickly. What are the magic words and key phrases that drive open rates and boost media hit rates? How can you craft irresistible email subject lines that journalists can’t help but read…and publish? What works when pitching via social media like Twitter—and what doesn’t? Learn the answers and more in this fast-paced, no-holds-barred interactive training session guaranteed to strengthen your pitches. If you want to radically advance your pitching prowess, boost your hit rates and win over media in the digital age, then this is one training session you can’t afford to miss.

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On Deadline

What's All the Social-Marketing Hubbub? We Already Knew.

By Peter Prodromou, President, Racepoint Global

I recently read an article in The Wall Street Journal  that highlighted a new Gallup poll that said social media isn’t all it was cracked up to be. The article, “Social Media Fail to Live Up to Early Marketing Hype” highlights the fact that 62 percent of respondents said social has no influence at all on their purchasing decisions, while 3 percent says it does. And to this I say: “yawn…”

The problem isn’t that social by itself can’t deliver people to the bottom of the marketing funnel. Those claims have been suspect for five years now. The problem is that many in social marketing continue to promote these theories even after we have seen it isn't correct. And in doing so, they have exposed this important medium to broadsides it shouldn’t face, like the Gallup numbers. The result? Social media is left to defend itself against things it shouldn't have to, rather than being understood for what it really can achieve ...


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Media Pro News

Today’s Media Moves:

Today’s Media Pro Journalist Pitching Tip:

Media Pro

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Bulldog Reporter's PR University presents a new Master Class Webinar

7 Most Common Press Release Writing Mistakes and 7 Story Hooks That Editors Love
Thursday, August 14

How would you like to learn the latest techniques that will take your press release writing skills to the next level of clarity and confidence—so you’ll be able to create impactful press releases that woo editors and win more online readers? How valuable would it be to your team to learn the seven most common press release writing mistakes and how to avoid them? Good news: Your team will discover the latest press release writing tricks and tactics in this 90-minute advanced writing workshop presented by instructor Michael Smart, founder of MichaelSMARTPR and former news director at Brigham Young University. Not only will he teach you to write compellingly to the general public, press and search engines—but you’ll also discover what’s wrong with the current state of PR writing, how best to organize releases—and how to crank out media-worthy headlines and snappy leads that give journalists everything they need. Not only will you learn how to avoid SEO, social media sharing and image optimization mistakes PR pros make when cranking out interactive releases, but you’ll leave this session with silver bullets sure to add flair to your writing in general—and proven templates that will help you outline and map your writing strategy—so you please both your bosses and your audiences.

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Now Accepting Entries

Friday, August 15

This year some 64 Bulldog Higher Education PR Awards will be granted—more than any other competition—honoring the best our industry has to offer in communications campaigns for colleges and universities. Why should you enter? First, because the Bulldog Awards are the only higher education awards judged by working journalists, our toughest critics and some of the people we work hardest to please. When they say you're the best, you know you are. Second, because when you win a Bulldog Award, the world knows about it—winners receive more coverage, more publicity and more visibility than with any other PR industry awards program. Third, entry is easy and inexpensive. First savings deadline is Friday, July 18. Complete online details.
Complete online details.
Guidelines for Submission.
Entry FAQs.
Print 2014 Bulldog Higher Education PR Awards Brochure

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