January 25, 2015
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More DeflateGate Hot Air: Scandal Continues to Unfold as NFL Icons Feed Suspicions—While League Seems to Stall for Time

This DeflateGate scandal just won't let up—in fact, by all accounts, it looks like the league will not reach any conclusions in its investigation for weeks, long after the Super Bowl has come and gone. Therefore, despite New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick's reiterated innocence during a press conference on Saturday, the controversy is poised to overshadow the rest of the big-game hype. To make matters worse, QB Tom Brady is getting very little support from his professional colleagues, many of whom have publicly commented that there's no way he could be as innocent as he is claiming. But given the logical likelihood that the Patriots will face little if any discipline over the incident, it seems clear that—no matter what ultimately happens—the NFL will walk away with another PR black eye. But which outcome would be worse?

Super Bowl Marketing: Fewer than Half of Advertiser Brands Predicted to Score Big—Pepsi, Doritos and GoDaddy are Champs

Fewer than half (46%) of Super Bowl XLIX’s advertisers will score big on their Super Bowl investments, according to the 13th annual Super Bowl Ad Engagement Survey conducted by brand engagement and consumer loyalty research consultancy Brand Keys. “When it comes to Super Bowl advertiser playbooks, brands hope their ads will score big in five ways: 1) big audiences, 2) big creative, 3) big buzz and 4) big social networking, but most importantly, 5) big levels of emotional brand engagement,” said Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys founder and president, in a news release. Number 5 is most important because it’s a leading indicator of consumers’ positive behavior toward the brand in the only arena that counts—the real-world marketplace. 

Thought Leaders

Learning from Their Mistakes—3 Social Media PR Disasters of 2014

By Larry Alton, Freelance Writer

Social media fiascos continue to haunt companies, serving as shameful reminders of what can go wrong with tasteless or uninformed posts. When your social media strategy goes awry, it can lead to public relations nightmares, and continued attention is heaped on that one awkward and very public moment. Viral content can work for or against companies, and it can dramatically hurt and organization if their mistakes are broadcast to millions online. Removing the offending post doesn't always help.

An Internet culture phenomenon known as "the Streisand effect" was coined after the singer, Barbra Streisand, brought attention to photos of her own home by suing the photographer. Her attempts to remove the images off the Internet ended up having the reverse effect: the publicity caused thousands of people online to access and save the images. 

On Deadline

PR Agency Strategic Thinking for 2015: It’s Not Just What You’re Doing, It’s How You’re Doing It

By Jennifer Casani, Partner, Gould+Partners

With the frenzy of New Year’s PR predictions (the “what”) now slowing, it seems worthwhile to delve into a deeper discussion about quality and execution (the “how”). In a recent Gould+Partners blog post, I outlined several forecasts based on what my partners and I have been observing. If you missed it, you can get up to speed on that prior post here.

So now then, you ask… how does a PR, media or creative service agency develop and execute quality? How can a firm attract customers, increase revenue and gain market share? How does an owner become an acquisition target that is in demand? It all boils down to one thing—strategic thinking.

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