December 18, 2014
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PR Biz Update

New Millennial Branding Study Compares Gen Y and Gen Z Workplace Expectations: Gen Z is Entrepreneurial, Less Motivated by Money—And More Focused on Face-to-Face Communication

Millennial Branding, a Gen Y research and consulting firm, and Randstad, an HR services and staffing company, recently announced results from the first worldwide study to focus on the workplace preferences of both Generation Y (ages 21 to 32) and Generation Z (ages 16 to 20). "Gen Z has a clear advantage over Gen Y because they appear to be more realistic instead of optimistic, are likely to be more career-minded, and can quickly adapt to new technology to work more effectively. Additionally, since Gen Z has seen how much Gen Y has struggled in the recession, they come to the workplace well prepared, less entitled and more equipped to succeed …”

Gap Between Web Browsers and Buyers Is Narrowing As Online Sales Accelerate, Nielsen Finds: Online Purchase Intentions Have Doubled Since 2011 for Many Retail Categories

Online purchase intentions around the world have doubled since 2011 for many durable and entertainment-related categories including e-books, event tickets, sporting goods and toys, according to a new study conducted online by Nielsen. Nearly half of global respondents intend to make an online purchase in the next six months in high-prominence categories including clothing (46%) and airline (48%) and hotel (44%) reservations. “The lightning-fast pace of change in the digital landscape has ushered in a consumer mindset that is both adventurous and exploratory when it comes to online shopping. Consumers everywhere want a good product at a good price, and the seemingly limitless options available in a virtual environment provide new opportunities …”

Webinar - 09/19/2014

Bulldog Reporter’s PR University presents a new Master Class Webinar

Talking to Wall Street: How PR Can Communicate More Powerfully with Money Managers, Analysts and the Financial Press
Friday, September 19

What separates the PR or IR professional who commands respect and attention from financial influencers . . . from those who do not? How would you like to ensure you’re equipped to work credibly with financial experts and Wall Street pros to move the needle on your corporate objectives? How would you like to command proven skills for presenting your case to the financial media, analysts and money managers? Good news: The key to success in communicating with financial media, money managers and analysts is taking your traditional PR and media relations skills to the next level of nuance and sophistication. In this 90-minute session, you’ll hear both from those who work in the field of Wall Street media as well as from IR and PR professionals—such as Gwen Rosenberg, VP of investor relations at Senomyx, Bernard Kilkelly, VP, NIRI NY, Tom Campo, President, Campo Communications, LLC, Rob Berick, Managing Director, Falls Communications and moderator Jess Todtfeldt, media trainer and former producer at “FOX and Friends”—whose success relies on knowing how to work with financial industry gatekeepers. To get you up to speed quickly, our panelists will describe the hot buttons and strategic issues of investor relations, as well as the do’s and don'ts for keeping Wall Street media and investors informed and gratified.

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Prime Research

Looking Ahead: Big Data, Globalization and Other Emerging PR Research and Measurement Trends to Watch—Feature 4

By Jon Greer, Contributor, and Richard Carufel, Editor, Bulldog Reporter; Presented in Partnership with PRIME Research

Just as every business must confront the challenges of “big data,” globalization and the constant march of technology, evolving communication channels and the accelerating pace of business, public relations and the research that supports it must advance to meet the demands of the day. For public relations professionals, the most exciting high-potential development is social media analytics as a source of real-time business intelligence. The data generated through social analytics achieve even greater potency when combined with traditional media analysis, surveys and statistical modeling. And when done properly, the combination delivers reliable streams of “small data” which add context and understanding within big data environments.   

But with scores of new social analytics tools launching daily (compounded by the rate at which they disappear), Fortune 1000 communications executives find it difficult to stay on top of the many developments that promise to revolutionize measurement. But how, exactly, have the advent of social media monitoring and measurement tools changed the landscape for communications departments? Which emerging trends will change research and measurement most in the years ahead? Which social media metrics should communicators be tracking and how can they do so? How should you respond to these rapid changes, and what do they mean for the role and influence of your communications department? ...


Research-Based Public Relations Insight

With offices around the world, PRIME Research marries technology with talent to provide international clients with research-based public relations insights and guidance to help inform better communications and business decisions. For more information about PRIME, email Brittany Luse at



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Beats vs. "Areas of Interest": Getting a Handle on the Topics Likely to Catch a Journalist's Attention

By Steve Beale, News Editor and Inside Health Media Editor, Bulldog Reporter

Last week, I interviewed the editor of a new medical device publication. It's a high-value subscription publication with an experienced editorial crew, so naturally I was curious as to whether it was following a beat system. "There aren't defined or assigned areas," he replied, "as much as there are natural historical biases." By that, he meant that each writer had developed areas of interest in the course of covering the industry, gravitating toward specific therapeutic categories such as cardiovascular disease or orthopedics. It's not a formal beat system, in which one staffer is identified as the "orthopedics" person, but more likely than not, that's the writer who will be called on to tackle the big stories dealing with orthopedics.

This is not uncommon, even at outlets that do follow beat systems. Reporters often develop specific areas of interest within their beats, or sometimes find themselves writing about topics that have nothing to do with their main job. A classic example was Travis Poling, a former healthcare business reporter for the San Antonio Express-News who also wrote a column about beer ...

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Thought Leaders

Clients In the Digital Age: Challenges and Possibilities for Customer Experience Management

By Roberto Ricossa, VP, Marketing, Avaya in the Americas

In today’s environment, companies are focusing on the relationships they form and maintain with their consumers more than ever before. As a result, tasks that were once handled by customer service departments are now part of a company’s overall strategy. More and more businesses are beginning to understand that monitoring, managing, and strengthening the bonds with their clients—in other words, having a comprehensive Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategy—means decisively betting on their own growth.

This global tendency is reflected in a recent study conducted by Avaya of the world’s main economies. According to this report, the percentage of companies that implement CEM programs has recently increased in countries such as China (84%), United States (73%) and India (72%). But despite the fact that 95% of business leaders recognize that a CEM is important for their organization in 2014, 59% admit that they did not have a defined plan for it ...

Winning PR Campaigns

#GivingTuesday PR Team Wins Grand Prize for Phenomenal Social Media and Fundraising Campaign

By Talia Sinkinson, Editor, Media Relations, Bulldog Reporter

When shopping season began with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the 92nd Street Y, in partnership with the United Nations Foundation (UNF), launched #GivingTuesday, a one-day event that united influencers, corporations and nonprofits to give back on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. The second annual #GivingTuesday was an opportunity to rally more support—and it was up to Havas PR North America to break through retail-generated chatter and persuade reporters and the public to look beyond the big sales and into the true giving spirit. Read on as Havas PR CEO Marian Salzman explains how this social media takeover increased Twitter followers, widespread awareness and charitable giving by 90 percent year on year.

The Challenge: Cause a stir over social media to bring about buzz and bucks for #GivingTuesday. Havas PR’s research showed that in 2011, Americans gave almost $300 billion to their favorite causes, but total dollars donated had yet to rebound to pre-recession levels. Despite these numbers, people were spending: Holiday retail sales were increasing at a rate of 3.3 percent a year. The team knew many organizations needed help and many people were willing to give it if asked, especially if they could be reached where they live today: On social media. Thus, the campaign’s target audiences were prospective partners—official charities or for-profit businesses, schools and religious and community groups committed to volunteering for or giving back to registered charities—as well as donors and the wider public ...

Now Accepting Entries

Friday, October 31

This year some 61 Bulldog Internal Communications Awards will be granted for the best our industry has to offer in communications campaigns to employees and other stakeholders. Why should you enter? First, because the Bulldog Awards are the only awards judged by working journalists and bloggers, our toughest, most objective critics and some of the people we work hardest to please. When they say you're the best, you know you are. Second, because when you win a Bulldog Award, the world knows about it—winners receive more coverage, more publicity and more visibility than with any other PR industry program. Third, entry is easy and inexpensive. First savings deadline: October 3; extended savings deadline: October 17; final savings deadline: October 31.

Complete online details.
Guidelines for Submission.
Entry FAQs.
Print 2014 Bulldog Internal Communications PR Awards Brochure

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Idea Bank

Talking to Wall Street: 6 Steps to Powerful IR and PR Presentations

By Brian Pittman

Owning the planning, scripting and presentation process around media briefings, press conferences, investor days and even road shows can elevate a PR or IR pro’s value. Considering that your company’s reputation and valuation—not to mention your own reputation—are at stake every time you, your CEO or other execs step to the podium, there’s just no excuse for weak presentations.

Here are six steps for presenting more convincingly to Wall Street analysts, investors and financial press—as provided by past PR University presenter Ina McGuinness, managing director of corporate communications at LifeSci Advisors and principal of McGuinness Communications:

1. Review initial considerations. “Everything starts with knowing your audience,” said McGuinness. “Who are they? Are they veterans to the sector? Newcomers? Or both?” In addition, she advised answering the following questions before beginning to map out and script your messages ...

On Deadline

PR Perspectives: Never Assume Client Satisfaction

By Gary Frisch, Founder and President, Swordfish Communications

It’s probably Marketing 101 to solicit feedback from your customers, so you can improve their experience and fix things if necessary. While it’s something my company has done informally, we’ve never institutionalized the process.

The importance of timely follow-up came to mind this week as I sought to gauge reaction to Journalists by the Dozen, a new service Swordfish Communications offers that delivers media contact information to anyone who wants to generate their own publicity.  Since launching in May, a handful of clients from across the country have tried the service.

A bit of background: Through trial and error, I decided to give clients their custom reports in the form of a visually appealing, multi-page Word document. It’s handy and ubiquitous, easily accommodates branding elements such as my logo, and provides ample room for the clients’ own notes as they conduct their media outreach. I also think the Word report is more easily digestible than a stark Excel spreadsheet ...

Media Pro News

Today’s Media Moves:

Today’s Media Pro Journalist Pitching Tip:

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Sally Falkow


Announcing the New Advanced SEO Writing Workshop for PR: How to Optimize Copy, Content and Careers in the Era of Social and Mobile Search
Friday, September 26

Learn how your organization can take advantage of powerful new SEO strategies and techniques to dramatically increase the visibility of your press releases, online newsroom, social media, backgrounders, videos, white papers, website—all your communications. If you haven’t retooled your SEO play book in the past six months to incorporate new search algorithms and such elements as visual content, Facebook Search and mobile search, now is the time: Once you take advantage of today’s new tagging strategies, writing and sharing techniques, you’re bound to skyrocket your search rankings. This hands-on, half-day webinar workshop will give you the skills you need to create, implement and measure a cost-effective SEO plan, step by step. This workshop is by digital PR expert Sally Falkow live on Friday, September 26. Regular price is $695 but if you register by register September 12 and save $100.  Go to online details, print our 3-page brochure or phone 1-800-959-1059.

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Webinar - 09/25/2014

Bulldog Reporter’s PR University presents a new Master Class Webinar

Best Uses of PR-Generated Video by Top Brands: What You Can Learn, Borrow & Steal
Thursday, September 25

How would you like to learn the production and social media sharing secrets of the “Most Watched Brand Video of All Time”—so you can boost your own client or brand’s viral video reach? This in-depth session will reveal the best practices behind the amazing “Real Beauty Sketches” campaign—which achieved over 165 million views in 25 countries. Presented by Sara Dunaj, Social Media Manager, Princess Cruises, Charlene Sarmiento, Public Relations Program Manager, Goodwill Industries, Mark Adams, director at The Audience, Hollywood producer/visual marketing expert Cokey Falkow, and others, this event will give you the tools and techniques you need to master the ins-and-outs of shareable online video. You’ll hear how top social media brands have successfully created, promoted and capitalized on Web video and channels like YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo and Vine to reach wider audiences—so you can do the same. If you’re ready to reach more consumers with your video content so you can build your online brand, gain new followers, generate sales and deliver maximum ROI, then plan to attend this intensive, 90-minute webinar. Our exclusive panel will show you how to plan, script and shoot stellar videos … and how to distribute them for millions of views. 

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