July 28, 2014
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PR Biz Update

Big Data Counterpoint: Emotion Trumps Data for Business Decision Makers, Says Fortune Knowledge Group and gyro Research—New Report Reveals the Undervalued Role of Emotion in Business Decisions

In the age of Big Data, it is often assumed that the rational and analytical are the primary drivers of business decision making. However, a new study from The Fortune Knowledge Group and gyro, a global ideas shop, has found it is just the opposite—while a majority of senior business executives believe that data is an important tool when making business decisions, it is subjective factors such as company culture, values and reputation that truly play the pivotal role. “With more information comes more complexity. Business decision makers are, of course, using data to their benefit. However when looking to select a business partner, it is clear that emotion plays a vital role …”

Corporate Social Responsibility 101: New Report Outlines The Benefits of Businesses Having a CSR Plan and Offers Tips to Help Businesses Make a Big Impact By Implementing One

The employment experts at Working Wardrobes recently outlined the benefits of businesses having a Corporate Social Responsibility plan, and offered tips to help implement one—to make a big impact over the long haul. The Orange County, Calif.-based nonprofit that provides career readiness and life skills services to men, women, young adults and veterans facing difficult life challenges, says that in addition to having a positive impact on the communities in which we live, CSR can boost business too. “Today, an increasing number of companies measure success by social and environmental impact, in addition to profits. CSR serves a number of purposes—from enabling an organization to stay compliant with business ethics …”

Carmelle Druchniak
Principal, Scout PR (Formerly at Stonyfield)

Bulldog Reporter's PR University presents a new Master Class Webinar

10 Seconds to Succeed or Die When Pitching Media: Powerful Elevator Pitches for PR Pros
Thursday, July 31

It’s never been easier to reach out to a journalist or blogger, whether it’s by email, Twitter or, of course, the telephone. But that access doesn’t guarantee pitching success. You still have to make the right pitch—at the right time—to score that precious media placement. Learn how to pitch more effectively by learning the secrets of the pros who pitch A-list media daily—including Adam Williams, Media Relations Manager, APCO Worldwide; Catharine M. Hamm, Travel Editor, The Los Angeles Times; Carmelle Druchniak, Principal, SCOUT PR; Nancy Mays, Former Executive Director, Communications, Applebee’s; and Douglas Simon, President & CEO, D S Simon Productions. In 90 information-packed minutes, you’ll hear firsthand from these experts how to break through the clutter and sell your story quickly. What are the magic words and key phrases that drive open rates and boost media hit rates? How can you craft irresistible email subject lines that journalists can’t help but read…and publish? What works when pitching via social media like Twitter—and what doesn’t? Learn the answers and more in this fast-paced, no-holds-barred interactive training session guaranteed to strengthen your pitches. If you want to radically advance your pitching prowess, boost your hit rates and win over media in the digital age, then this is one training session you can’t afford to miss.

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Prime Research

Experts Say: Big Data, Lack of Industry Standards & Tying to Business Objectives Continue to Top PR Measurement Challenges—Feature 1

By Jon Greer, Contributor, and Richard Carufel, Editor, Bulldog Reporter; Presented in Partnership with PRIME Research

In the era of big data, communicators are increasingly challenged to not only provide measurable proof of their programs’ effectiveness—but also a deeper analysis of the data they gather. The first step toward developing a research and measurement program that meets these mandates is understanding C-suite hot buttons and the critical measurement challenges Fortune 1000 communications executives like you face every day. For example, what are the biggest reasons communications execs turn to measurement? What problems are they trying to solve? What pain are they trying to alleviate?

For the answers, Bulldog Reporter and PRIME Research interviewed measurement thought leaders and members of the Institute of Public Relations’ Measurement Commission as part of a joint “2014 Corporate Communications Practices Measurement Study.” Early findings will be published here as an article series and later included in the comprehensive study designed to help communicators develop programs that tie more closely to corporate objectives, increase the influence of communications in corporate strategy, and improve the return on corporate investment in communications research and measurement. This first article of four assesses today’s top measurement challenges ...


Research-Based Public Relations Insight

With offices around the world, PRIME Research marries technology with talent to provide international clients with research-based public relations insights and guidance to help inform better communications and business decisions. For more information about PRIME, email Brittany Luse at luse@prime-research.com.



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PR Managers Beware: Are Your Employees Using the "Fake Reply" Gimmick?

By Steve Beale, News Editor and Inside Health Media Editor, Bulldog Reporter

As any regular reader of this column probably knows, one of my biggest pet peeves about PR is the "fake reply." This is a tactic wherein a PR person sends a follow-up email with "Re:" in the subject line, making it appear that we have an existing relationship and that they're replying to an email from me. I first noticed the practice two or three years ago, and I've spoken with other journalists who have seen it as well.

I've long wondered how this gimmick came about. I pictured an oily Gollum-like creature crawling out from under a rock somewhere, slithering up to a keyboard and sending this: "SECRET REVEALED! SIMPLE EMAIL TRICK GUARANTEED TO BOOST YOUR OPEN RATES!!!" Followed up, of course, with: "Re: SECRET REVEALED! SIMPLE EMAIL TRICK GUARANTEED TO BOOST YOUR OPEN RATES!!!"

However, on the few occasions when I've complained to senders about the tactic, no one mentioned this mythical creature ...

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This rare, just-updated list is guaranteed to increase your chances for scoring blockbuster media coverage among these top online influencers. If you want to get your story into the most visited travel and destination blogs—now's the time to start pitching. But first you have to know who the top bloggers are, what they are covering, where their blogs are located, and how to make contact with these elusive writers. Good news: Bulldog Reporter has compiled the most comprehensive, up-to-date travel blog list on earth, featuring editorial contact info—including all available email addresses, website and Twitter links, and/or phone numbers—for 270 top outlets. Best of all, you can download the new 2014 Travel Blogger Contact Guide now. It's a travel and destination media pitching and placement gold mine! Learn more and purchase your copy now.
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Thought Leaders

Critical Digital-Sleep Mode: Don’t Panic—Your Clients and Co-Workers Will Survive If You Sometimes Turn Off and Tune Out

By Sandi Goldfarb, Senior Vice President, Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications

I inadvertently left my mobile phone at work the other night. My first reaction: sheer panic. How could I be responsive to clients and co-workers without my iPhone at the ready? How could I possibly keep up with the flood of emails and texts that fill my inbox? And then I remembered the words of wisdom Arianna Huffington, Editor in Chief of the Huffington Post, offered at a Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce event.

A few colleagues and I recently heard Huffington speak about her new book, Thrive, which focuses on the healing benefits of sleep, the importance of balancing our work and personal lives, the value of social relationships over social media and the need to end our addiction to electronic devices. Like almost everyone I know, demands and deadlines generally keep me tethered to my mobile phone. And despite the research that confirmed Ms. Huffington’s findings, I was skeptical. But that night, I had the perfect excuse to test-drive her theories ...

Bulldog Reporter’s PR University presents a new Master Class Webinar

Secrets of Building Long-Term Relationships with Busy, Influential Mainstream Journalists
Thursday, August 7

If you would like to learn how to build long-term relationships with influential journalists to generate more story placements and buzz—so you boost your media hit rate and your value to the organization—then this is one session you can’t afford to miss. You’ll learn firsthand from Tom Hallman, Jr., Pulitzer Prize winner and senior features reporter, The Oregonian; Don Clark, assistant news editor, The Wall Street Journal; Alisha Tischier, vice president, Ogilvy; Meredith Pratt, account manager, Stanton Communications; and Michael Smart, founder, MichaelSMARTPR how to systematically use email, phone, in-person meetings and even social networks to connect with journalists, bloggers and influencers—and approach them with story ideas. In just 90 minutes, you’ll hear proven hot buttons that woo editors and wow reporters, learn the most common credibility-killing faux pas PR pros commit when working with journalists and discover how to turn your team into a story-generating machine. If you want to take your PR results to the next level, this event will give you the know-how you need to start generating story placements as soon as the webinar is over.

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Winning PR Campaigns

IKEA’s PR Breakthrough: How Lippe Taylor Lit a Fire Under Consumers and Scored Client Over 1,000 Media Placements for a Major Announcement

By Talia Sinkinson, Editor, Media Relations, Bulldog Reporter

It’s never been easier to reach out to journalists and bloggers, whether it’s by email, Twitter or, of course, the telephone. But that access doesn’t guarantee pitching success. You still have to make the right pitch—at exactly the right time—to score that precious media placement. When the PR pros at Lippe Taylor were charged with generating media coverage surrounding a major announcement for furniture giant, IKEA, they had to perfect this one-two punch. IKEA was ready to roll out the news that it would exclusively sell and use LED lighting in U.S. stores by 2016. The announcement needed to give consumers the reasoning behind the LED initiative and build media hype years before the change would actually occur. 

The Challenge: Prime consumers to increase spend—and drive media interest way ahead of time.

“There were two initial big challenges for this campaign—one for consumers and one for media,” says Lippe Taylor CEO and founder, Maureen Lippe. “First, for consumers, our challenge was lack of awareness and understanding of LED, coupled with the fact that LED bulbs were more expensive. There was a big education gap that needed to be closed. We had to ensure that people understood that in the long run, LED would actually save them money…and be good for the planet ...


Now Accepting Entries

Friday, August 15

This year some 64 Bulldog Higher Education PR Awards will be granted—more than any other competition—honoring the best our industry has to offer in communications campaigns for colleges and universities. Why should you enter? First, because the Bulldog Awards are the only higher education awards judged by working journalists, our toughest critics and some of the people we work hardest to please. When they say you're the best, you know you are. Second, because when you win a Bulldog Award, the world knows about it—winners receive more coverage, more publicity and more visibility than with any other PR industry awards program. Third, entry is easy and inexpensive. First savings deadline is Friday, July 18. Complete online details.
Complete online details.
Guidelines for Submission.
Entry FAQs.
Print 2014 Bulldog Higher Education PR Awards Brochure

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Idea Bank

Pitch Perfect: WSJ Insider, PR Vets Share 5 PR Tips for Breaking Through to A-List Media

By Brian Pittman

There’s still no better way to get a story in the media than reaching out to a journalist or blogger directly and pitching the idea to them by phone, email or social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. But pitching hard-bitten journalists can be challenging—especially when you’re working at cyber-speed under tight pressure from bosses and clients. Here are a few quick tips from journalists and PR pros alike to help you more effectively pitch traditional and new media:

1. Try the “non-pitch” pitch. We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Public relations is more about relations than any one pitch. That’s why PR pros like Doug Simon recommend what he has called the “non-pitch” pitch. This involves picking up the phone and introducing yourself to a target journalist on your beat—and should be positioned more as an “informational” call than one containing a hard pitch. Here’s what it looks like ...

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New Food and Beverage PR Summit: Top Food Media Reveal Emerging Story Topics & Fresh Pitching Tips to Reach Millions
Thursday, August 21

How can you tap into the growing hunger for food and beverage news—and get your culinary offerings on the menu of top food media? What competitive edge can you use to generate bountiful coverage? What are top editors doing to attract eyeballs and growling stomachs to their pages and sites? How can you maximize food, drink and restaurant publicity on these outlets—and drive greater results, ROI and recognition for your client or company? For the answers to these critical questions—and much more—join PR University for an exclusive roundtable with the journalists who create these must-read outlets. Learn what stories they most like to cover, what they will be covering the rest of this year—and how to generate tons more coverage for your food facility, product or service. In addition to all the valuable and actionable information you’ll learn during this fast-paced 90-minute session, you’ll also have the opportunity to question and interact directly with these hard-to-reach journalists—to get the crucial information you need to pitch them more successfully. What’s the best way for up-and-coming food brands to work with food journalists? How do these reporters and editors interact with top consumer brands as “ambassadors”—and what’s the latest on junkets and freebies to promote foods, restaurants, and destinations? To learn the inside scoop on these hot topics and much more, be sure to register for this exclusive PR University training session that you won’t want to miss.

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On Deadline

Marketing Lessons from Satan: What Politicians & CEOs Can Learn from the Devil

In the spotlight: Scott Pinsker, Author, “The Second Coming: A Love Story”

Talk about overcoming bad press: Just 2,000 years or so after his headline-making setback in the Holy Land, the Devil has never been hotter (figuratively speaking, of course; the Catholic Church contends that the Devil has, in fact, been much, much hotter). Movies. TV shows. Internet memes. New recognition from Pope Francis. When it comes to staying power, the Devil’s grip on our imagination is almost… Godlike.

“The Devil is the ultimate complimentary product,” said marketing expert Scott Pinsker, author of the new novel, The Second Coming: A Love Story. “Satan’s popularity is tied to God’s popularity.  You can believe in God without believing in the Devil, but you can’t believe in the Devil without believing in God.”

“God offers us Heaven, love and eternal salvation. Satan offers us Hell, agony and eternal damnation. Talk about an inferior product,” said Pinsker. “But Satan has proven himself a resilient marketer because he follows an unholy trinity of three time-tested marketing principles that today’s politicians and CEOs would be wise to follow ..."


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If you're the president of a PR firm and you're not generating consistent net profit of 20% per year, isn't it time to take control of your business once and for all? Isn't it time to give your people—and yourself—the benefits of prosperity and predictability that you deserve? If you're ready to run your PR agency using today's best practices of disciplined financial management, you'll want to own and use this fundamental guide, written by renowned PR agency financial guru Rick Gould. Discover inside strategies, techniques, ratios and hard-won wisdom that are certain to increase your PR agency's profitability to 20% or even 30%—no matter what the economic environment. Download Now!

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Media Pro News

Today’s Media Moves:

Today’s Media Pro Journalist Pitching Tip:

Bulldog Reporter's PR University presents a new Meet the Editors Webinar

Meet Top Broadcast News Producers: How to Pitch TV & Radio News Programs for Prime Time Air
Friday, August 8

If you are looking to book guests on today’s top broadcast news programs and talk shows, this session will give you key insights from leading TV and radio producers on exactly what they want in a pitch, the must-have traits of every guest they book and how to build long-term relationships with them and other producers or booking agents.You’ll hear firsthand from broadcast insiders like Jonathan Clark, assistant news director at New York City’s WCBS 880 News, and Robin Gradison, producer for ABC News how to contact them, how tocraft pitches that seize their attention and entice them to call back—and the hot buttons sure to secure your exec or client a prime-time appearance. Join PR University for a frank discussion of the best practices for booking guests on the top TV and radio news programs or talk shows, using proven pitching approaches, and building solid, trusted relationships with A-list broadcast gatekeepers.

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Bulldog Reporter's PR University presents a new Master Class Webinar

7 Most Common Press Release Writing Mistakes and 7 Story Hooks That Editors Love
Thursday, August 14

How would you like to learn the latest techniques that will take your press release writing skills to the next level of clarity and confidence—so you’ll be able to create impactful press releases that woo editors and win more online readers? How valuable would it be to your team to learn the seven most common press release writing mistakes and how to avoid them? Good news: Your team will discover the latest press release writing tricks and tactics in this 90-minute advanced writing workshop presented by instructor Michael Smart, founder of MichaelSMARTPR and former news director at Brigham Young University. Not only will he teach you to write compellingly to the general public, press and search engines—but you’ll also discover what’s wrong with the current state of PR writing, how best to organize releases—and how to crank out media-worthy headlines and snappy leads that give journalists everything they need. Not only will you learn how to avoid SEO, social media sharing and image optimization mistakes PR pros make when cranking out interactive releases, but you’ll leave this session with silver bullets sure to add flair to your writing in general—and proven templates that will help you outline and map your writing strategy—so you please both your bosses and your audiences.

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The Ultimate PR Agency New Business Handbook

Introducing Bulldog Reporter’s “The Ultimate PR Agency New Business Handbook – How to Create a Proven Plan for Prospecting, Pitching and Winning New Clients”

If you’re the president of a PR firm and you’re not implementing a buttoned-down, day-in, day-out new business plan for nurturing new client prospects—and then closing them with powerful, proven pitching techniques—isn’t it time to take control of your business? Isn’t it time to give your people—and yourself—the benefits of a consistently growing company whose client roster includes exciting, sophisticated clients who can afford your services? If you’re ready to run your PR firm using today’s best practices of disciplined new business development, you’ll want to own and use this definitive guide, which incorporates the proven techniques and wisdom of some of the smartest agency entrepreneurs and new business consultants. Discover inside strategies and systems that are certain to increase your PR agency’s growth—by attracting quality clients—no matter what the economic environment. 

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